Lost Timber Redbones

Lost Timber Redbones Coonhound Kennels is the home of some of the
BEST pleasure hunting and competition redbone coonhounds in Missouri!
Gene Allhands, a long time red bone coon hound man.Black Gold Dpg Food Field Rep Gene 2000

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Offering outstanding Red Bone Coonhounds at stud
and pups and started dogs from fine red bone females!

Great New Redbone Stud in the Kennel!  More infor soon

Lost Timber Redbone Coonhound Kennel, is owned by Gene Allhands, a long time red bone coon hound man. Gene mainly pleasure hunts his redbones, but dominates in competition bench shows. Lost Timber red bone coon hound kennels in Missouri offers the pleasure hunter or the competition coonhunter great redbone coonhound dogs at stud. These redbones are coondogs. We have redbone coon hound puppies from our kennels for sale, along with some started coon hunting coon hounds. 

Winter's catch from 1971

Gene is also a dog foof Field Rep, he has found that feeding a premium professional dog food to his stud dogs, his females, and puppies provides them well balance nutrition for looks, bone structure, and muscle mass.  While coonhunting a professional dog food givesthis redbone coonhounds stamina while hunting and treeing raccoons. And when in the competition bench show, it gives them the structure and the muscles of a Best in Show Champion Redbone Coonhound.

Grand Champion Red Sea Moses Redbone Coonhound

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Bloodlines 6.01
Vindicator II
Red Buzz
Red Man
Sierra Sunrise
Flaming Star
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